While there will always be a place for the Anna Wintours of the world, we're in the midst of a seismic shift towards bloggers and influencers as definitive fashion shot-callers. There's something so real about seeing how everyday women put themselves together. And yet, as accessible as they seem, the best fashion bloggers ooze an "it girl" factor that elevates them to aspirational.

So what is "fashion blogger style" exactly? Let's be honest: it helps to have clothing companies sending you truckloads of free stuff. But most bloggers didn't start there. Jules Sarinana - the blogger behind Sincerely Julesstarted her blog as a creative outlet, and Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What began by posting street style snaps as a college sophomore. My point: it's not about how much money you have or even what you've got in your closet. The secret to fashion blogger style is knowing how to make outfits look interesting, but not try-hard.

I'm not a fashion blogger, but I've studied them extensively. ;) And in the course of many, many hours spent surfing Pinterest, I've noticed a series of similarities across every single style blog. So I'm blowing the cover off this operation and spilling their secrets! Here are the five things every successful fashion blogger does when she gets dressed in the morning:

Rule of threes. The first key to achieving fashion blogger style is to give the eye three places to travel within every ensemble. For example, dress up jeans and a white tee with a great belt. Or take your LBD to the next level with a great bag and a pair of statement earrings. Just be sure to anchor your outfits with three key pieces.

Attention to detail. Your heels don't have to be designer - or even real leather - to look fantastic. But if the stitching is sloppy or the finish looks cheap, it will throw the whole outfit off. Fashion bloggers style outfits so they look expensive, but aren't necessarily pricy. Examine bargain buys closely to make sure they elevate your outfit. I always look at these four things:

  • Seams. In particular, look out for puckering.

  • Fabrics. Material should have a nice drape and not too much shine.

  • Faux leather grain and feel. It will look cheap if it's too stiff, too smooth, or too grainy.

  • Faux fur fibers. It shouldn't clump or get stringy. Brush your fingers through it a few times to make sure it stays soft and fluffy.

Layer trends. Wearing one trend from head to toe can look like a costume. Instead, mix and match them in unexpected ways to reflect your personality. For example, you might wear  western-inspired boots with a checked tweed blazer to make your outfit feel edgy instead of preppy.

Be conservative with logos. The Gucci Marmont logo belt is one of the most ubiquitous blogger trends right now. But look at how most style bloggers are wearing it: they aren't coordinating with a matching bag and logo-print loafers. When styling logos, the goal isn't to shout "I can afford designer," but to show appreciation for a specific design or fashion era. The Gucci belt, for example, looks most polished when it's styled with quality basics or a 70's-inspired silhouette.

Layer your baubles. Stacking bracelets, sliding rings (plural) on your fingers, and layering necklaces personalizes your outfit even further. As Rachel Zoe says, "More is more is more is more." So bathe yourself in bling!

BONUS: Truthfully, it's confidence - not clothes - that makes these ladies look so great. So don't feel pressured to follow trends or copy street style snaps exactly. Do YOU with pride and you'll always look fierce!