A watch is a deeply personal accessory. Not only is it a key everyday piece, but it's also uniquely sentimental. We give watches for reaching milestones, we hand them down for generations, and we remember the ones our parents wore when we were kids. (My mom: a gold Anne Klein with a chain mesh band. My dad: a heavy, silver-toned chain link watch with a black face he received as a corporate gift.) So when I found myself wishing I had a unique minimalist watch, I wasn't about to settle until I found the perfect timepiece.

Truth be told, I hadn't worn a watch in years. Like many people, I'd been using my phone for that purpose. Then I realized that I was pulling my phone out to check the time, then getting distracted by all the notifications that had popped up while it was still in my purse. This led to a lot of needless screen time. It made me less productive, and kept me from being truly present. So I started searching for a unique minimalist watch that was basic enough to wear with literally everything, but special enough to up-style a t-shirt and jeans. My only criteria: both the band and face had to be black.

Why my wood watch is my new favorite minimalist accessory

Why my wood watch is my new favorite minimalist accessory

My Perfect Unique Minimalist Watch: The JORD Cassia in Ebony & Sable

For me, finding the JORD Cassia in Ebony & Sable was like capturing a unicorn. I've been searching for the right watch for at least two years, adding one to my online shopping cart only to take it out two days later. But when I saw the Cassia, I instantly knew it was THE ONE.

First, let's talk about the watch face: the domed sapphire glass over its convex, charcoal-colored dial reflects light in a way that's at once eye-catching and elegant. I like my accessories to pop, and this watch certainly does. And yet, its uncluttered, Roman numeral dial and Scandinavian-inspired style keeps it understated.

Then there's the band. You don't get much more unique than wood with metal links! I'm also partial to matte black when it comes to watch bands, and the ebony wood accomplishes this beautifully. Metal and leather can look cheap when sprayed with a matte finish. But because this is an ebony wood watch, it needed no extra finishes to darken the color. It's all natural, baby!

My unique minimalist watch in its gorgeous wood case

My unique minimalist watch in its gorgeous wood case

Win $100 Toward A JORD Wood Watch

I only partner with brands whose products I use and love, and I'm thrilled to announce that I've teamed up with JORD to offer a special contest to my readers and Instagram followers! Click here to enter by September 16 for a chance to win $100 towards your own unique minimalist timepiece - or any JORD wood watch that suits your style. You'll also automatically get a 10% off promo code just for entering! I love my JORD wood watch and am excited to share this opportunity! Remember: the contest ends on September 16 so enter now to win! Luxury Wooden Watch