I was 16 when I double-pierced my ears for the specific reason that I wanted the 90’s power combo of two tiny silver hoops. Imagine my surprise when, 20 years later, after not being used for at least a decade, I was able to easily slide a pair of stylish bar studs into my second holes.

These days it’s rare for me not to be wearing two sets of mismatched earrings. My favorites are from Madewell and Gorjana because they have a nice mix of minimalist designs for when I feel like sleek, simple bars in mixed metals are my jam, or when I want to have fun with some palm trees and lightning bolts. Hovering around $30 a pair, they’re a satisfying treat that won’t break the bank.

I'm always looking to add to my collection and am currently coveting these geometric circle studs, these tiny stars, and these itty bitty rose gold balls. All available at NORDSTROM.com